Our office keeps up with new technology and Dr. Kosarin attends seminars frequently. He is an expert in the latest improvements in techniques, materials, new concepts, and even changing philosophies of treatment.  

Office Team
Every one of us—from dentist to office management and assistants—is what you’d call “a people person.” We’re kind, thoughtful, compassionate, and yes, we absolutely care. We will work with you, and work to make you happy. If you have a more complicated procedure done, the doctor will call later to check and see how you’re feeling. We are anxious to do the best job possible for all our patients, many of whom have stayed with us for countless years. Any problems brought to our attention are taken care of immediately. The environment is friendly, with music in the background (not Muzak).

You’re probably accustomed to going to the dentist’s office and waiting a half hour to an hour, or possibly even more. Not in our office. We respect your time, and, for this reason, we schedule our patients so that you won’t have to wait. We find that this relieves stress and makes for a more pleasant, happier visit.

Dr. Paul Kosarin


Paul Kosarin, D.D.S., attended the prestigious Bronx High School of Science. After, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at Columbia University. Top of his class, Dr. Kosarin was awarded a full scholarship to Columbia University School Of Dental & Oral Surgery, which he attended for four years and graduated with honors. With his dental degree in hand, Dr. Kosarin took it upon himself to serve our country as a 1st Lieutenant Dental Officer in the Air Force and spent two years at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana. Since then, he has been practicing as a general dentist in Wantagh, NY. He met the love of his life when he was 21 years old and they are still romantically in love, with three children of whom he’s incredibly proud. Dr. Kosarin loves to travel around the world, learn languages, sail (he belonged to a racing club with his wife), read interesting books about black holes, craft gorgeous as well as functional items for the house, and play the piano, especially the “Great American Songbook” (you know, the oldies you’d likely hear Frank Sinatra sing). Many years ago, he even built a harpsichord, on which Bach and other Baroque pieces he practiced for hours on end sound heavenly. In truth, he has been playing the piano since he was 5 and sometimes performs in his spare time. Dr. Kosarin has always loved working with his hands, whether it’s building, creating beautiful smiles in dentistry, getting the sailboat ready for season, or practicing jazz riffs on the piano for hours a day. He adores his work and takes great pride in the beaming smiles of gratitude that radiate back at him with gorgeous, healthy teeth.

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