Workers Compensation and No-fault Insurance

When you need to find the best dentist for workers’ comp and no fault insurance today, look no further. And, there’s a bright side: Dr. Kosarin is the top dentist in Nassau and Suffolk County for workers compensation and no-fault insurance because he will give you a more beautiful smile than you ever had before. As the #1 workers’ compensation and no-fault dentist in the area, Dr. Kosarin is praised and beloved because he always uses the highest quality organic and precious materials, unlike many other dentists in this field who, more often rather than not, use inferior materials on patients in order to make a larger profit. This means more trips to the dentist in the future, unfortunately, because dental work that isn’t done right the first time won’t last. It may be the accepted route among other dental practices, but not here. In fact, our patients will tell anyone who asks that Dr. Kosarin is the only dentist they trust. He is honest, down-to-earth, kind, and someone who will always take the time — no shortcuts — to make you look your best self.


We are happy to accept both types of problems (on-job accidents and automobile accidents).

We will do everything we can within the parameters allowed by the examining boards for each individual patient. Again, sometimes an accident can have a bright side because it can inspire someone to improve his or her appearance. In this case, we would be happy to evaluate your problem and recommend a beautiful fix.